ONE gym girl lifts large weights but carries the burden of checking her clothes afterward.

Fitness enthusiast Lazulilabel doesn't mind working out in front of men, except when she starts to sweat.

The popular TikToker doesn't appear to be self-conscious in her workout videos.

But Lazulilabel (@lydsfitt) revealed her main worry in a recent video.

"POV: You're a gym girl," her caption read.

Lazulilabel leaned over a bar on the ground, exhausted from her last set.

Her tight-fitting leggings and long-sleeve workout top covered most of her skin aside from the open-back detail of her shirt.

Lazulilabel spread her legs and pointed her kneecaps out as if she was doing a plié.

The exercise junkie hung her head to get a good view of her inner thighs to see if she had any sweat marks.

Next, she appeared to be checking the same area. This time on a bench.

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"Not going to lie, this is kind of awkward," the video's sound repeatedly sang.

Lazulilabel subtly checked her butt in the mirror for any sweaty stains and quickly glanced at the bench when she got up.

"We've all been there," Lazulilabel proclaimed as she rolled her eyes.

Viewers felt her pain and understood how annoying it is to worry about sweat marks.

"Me, I slide my thigh as I get up so it can wipe any sweat," an honest woman admitted.

Another female fitness fan added: "Or when your period is due soon. Omg, I'd be taking pictures."

"That's very normal, nothing awkward, girl, be positive and confident in the gym," one person pointed out.

A positive individual noted: "We all do it. It's funny, and we girls are taking over the gyms."

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