WITH winter fast approaching, many gardeners will choose a random day to put the lawnmower away in the shed where it's going to rest until the next spring.

But according to one expert, there is a right time when you should stop mowing – do it too late or too early and you risk ruining the lawn completely.

Before finding out when's the last time to give your grass a trim, it's important to understand why it matters so much.

Although the grass growth slows in winter, that doesn't mean it's stopped the process – but as tempted as you might be to cut it, Jon Callahan, Founder and CEO of blog, OwtDores, advised to avoid it my all means.

Chatting to The Express, the guru explained: “It's important to avoid mowing during wet, weather conditions as this can damage the lawn and cause erosion.

"When the weather starts to cool down, the blades of your lawnmower become less efficient and will not cut as well.”

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Jon warned: “Too much continuous moisture in the soil caused by regular mowing becomes locked up and causes dampness that can lead to pests, diseases and even lawn heaving.”

The deciding factor when it comes to store the lawn mower away for a few months really boils down to one aspect – the temperature. 

For this reason, it's difficult to give a precise day of the year to stop mowing, as it depends on your area's climate, as well as the weather conditions.

But according to the expert, in general, mid to late autumn is the best time to stop cutting the grass.

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“If you're cutting your grass regularly, it's usually the best time to stop by the end of November, when the temperature is between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 18 degrees), to avoid damaging the lawn.

''This is when the ground has had a chance to thaw out and properly bind the soil together.”

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He added that it's vital that gardening enthusiasts stop cutting the grass before regular ground frosts.

If a frost occurs within the new few days after giving the grass a trim, it can cause long term damage to your lawn's health. 

Jeremy Yamaguchi,  CEO of Lawn Love explained: “Once temperatures are below the 50 Fahrenheit mark, most species of grass naturally go dormant and thus no longer need to be mowed.”

But the cold season, contrary to what many might think, is actuallya pivotal time of the year when it comes to tending to your lawn.

The expert said: “Although this ideally the last time you should mow, it's not the last time you need to do lawn work.

"Make sure you rake up those leaves, pine needles, and other debris as the decaying organic matter actually won't be good for your lawn surviving its dormant period.”

Jon advised: “Use water-soluble fertilisers that work well in cool weather conditions (such as fish emulsion) rather than general fertilisers which may not be effective if it gets too cold outside.”

It might be a while off now, but just as important is knowing when to start mowing again.

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“Early in the spring is usually the perfect time to start mowing your lawn again.

''The harsh weather has subsided and there will no longer be a frost, creating the necessary conditions to start the care again,'' explained Jon.

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