A GARDENING expert has shared the five best houseplants to make your home smell amazing this spring.

There's no need to fork out for pricey candles and air fresheners when these plants will continue to bloom.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, gardening expert at Hayes Garden World, Angela Slater, revealed the top five plants for the job and just why they work so well.

Scented leaved pelargoniums

It's usually the leaves of this plant that are scented, not the flowers, Angela said.

"The strongest scent is released when the leaves are bruised.

"They are quite happy if you forget to water them for a while, requiring only a little water at a time," she explained.


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Although they come in a variety of scents, some of of them include rose and lemon, which can smell amazing during the spring and summer months.

Citrus trees

These plants can thrive in cool temperatures, so are the perfect addition to an unheated conservatory or similar spot in your home.

No matter the citrus tree you go for they all give off a lovely fresh scent from the tiny flowers on their branches.

The evergreen plant will tolerate most weather conditions, according to the pro, although won't survive frost if you plant them outside.

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Orchid miltonia

This orchid thrives when kept in a spot with filtered sunlight for a few hours each day and will fill your home with it's fragrant scent.

The pros at Gardening Know How explained: "The pansy orchid releases its scent if kept in a room with a temperature above 15C.

"It likes a humid atmosphere so give it a fine mist of tepid water every day."


This evergreen shrub has medium-sized white flowers with a sweet and creamy scent.

Angela recommended misting the plant "with tepid water every day" to help them thrive.

If looked after, the plant should bloom in late summer or early autumn.

Just make sure it doesn't dry out and you'll have a gorgeous smelling plant for years to come.

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