IT'S PRIME time for weeds to thrive in your garden.

Luckily, gardening expert David Domoney shared how you can get rid of weeds with no fuss for a gorgeous garden.

"A weed, is the classification of a plant in the wrong place," the gardening whizz said.

Although some weeds aren't that bad, when they takeover you patio and lawn, you might want a quick solution.

The quickest and most efficient way will always be to use your hands, according to the pro.

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Get stuck and and pull the weed straight out of the ground with a firm grip.

If you've got an old hoe laying around they can be great tool to get rid of weeds quickly without a fuss too.

For more stubborn weeds like dandelions just cutting the top off wont do, you'll have to fully dig the roots out to make sure they don't come back.

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To make life easier David said to fully remove weeds using a fork, do it on a damp day, but if your just cutting off the top with a hoe it's easier on a dry day.

If you don't want to extract weeds manually there are some other options.

Black polythene can be put over the top of an area and left for roughly six-months, "the lack of light kills all the plant life underneath", David says.

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But this can be time consuming and still not as effective as doing it yourself.

Since wildlife, bees especially, can rely on the flowers from weeds, it's important to plant some bee-friendly alternatives, David suggests things like bluebells and honeysuckle.

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