THE next time you open a fresh can of pop, remember that you can quench your flowers' thirst along with your own.

Particularly, a specific type of soda can help you grow your azaleas.

According to Simplify Gardening, if you want your azaleas to thrive, Coke is the answer.

You can use this carbonated beverage in place of expensive soil and feeding.

And you can use any cola you have on hand, as the drink doesn't have to specifically be Coke.

You're going to simply pour four ounces of cola into the soil. You'll find that it will help your azaleas grow like crazy.

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Previously, gardening enthusiast Megan London revealed another method to help keep your plants thriving.

"If you've ever grown anything or gardened at all, or you're just starting, I guarantee you one thing you've noticed is that after it rains, your plants grow. A whole lot.

"And in my experience, in 25 years of gardening, it's hands-down the best thing that you can ever do for your plants is to only water it with rainwater.

"Let me show you how you can, because guess what? In my 25 years of gardening, this is the fanciest it gets as far as tools, honey," she said as she held up her hand.

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"These hands have stuck with me 36 years, that's it. I ain't got a magic tool for it."

When London knows it's about to rain, she sets bins and buckets outside to collect it.

To ensure that the bins and buckets don't get blown away by the wind before they've collected enough rainwater, she weighs them down by putting rocks in them.

And, she explained how she prevents the water from getting smelly and growing bacteria or algae.

"I'll use that water up before it ever has a chance to form any kind of smell, get stagnated, or anything," she stated.

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