WITH monthly costs sky-rocketing, we’re all looking for ways to pinch our purse strings that little tighter.

But did you know that there’s a secret ingredient which could slash your weekly food shopping bill considerably? 

In the second episode of Channel 5’s Save Money on Your Supermarket Shop, which airs tonight at 8pm, presenter Angellica Bell is on hand to reveal how adding just one item to your list could be the best financial decision you’ll make. 

The item in question? Offal. Yes, it might not sound tempting, but Angellica tells viewers there’s some easy ways to disguise it within meals which means you “can’t tell the difference.” 

In the show, Angellica, who co-hosts the series alongside Alexis Conran, meets with farmer Tim Theory, who she says is “on a mission to bring it back to people’s plates.” 

Later, she meets with the farm’s chef called Andy to discover how substituting lamb mince for an offal product in traditional dishes like Shepherd's Pie can be considerably cheaper. 

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Andy tells her: “We’re going to be making a take on a Shepherd's Pie. 

“It’ll still have traditional stuff in there like lamb mince, but instead of just having lamb mince, we’re going to also add some lamb liver as well for flavour and cost.”

Lamb’s liver mince can cost as little as £3.35 per kilo, in comparison to £5 for 500g of lamb mince. 

So if you make a Shepherd's Pie with two thirds offal, and one third lamb mince, it will only set you back around £3.17. 

Andy continued: “You’re probably saving about a third in money.”   

You can’t tell the difference. It’s lovely

Once the dish was cooked, Angellica put it to the taste test to see what she thought. 

She said: “It looks rich and smells delicious. You can’t tell the difference. It’s lovely.”

Angellica then tells viewers that it’s not just Shepherd's Pie that you can make, with lamb, pork and chicken liver, and even hearts and kidney, on sale in supermarkets, the possibilities are endless. 

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And if the financial benefits alone aren’t enough to convince you, dietician Linia Patel also says that offall is great for your health.

Linia explains: “Ofall in general is very, very nutritious. There’s thought to be more nutrients than muscle meats, for example.

“So offall contains a good amount of B-vitamins, minerals like Zinc, Selenium and Choline.

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“These are vitamins and minerals that, ironically, in the last National Food and Dietary survey, we found out that as a population, we’re not getting enough of.”

Linia, who said liver was the most nutritious offal, added: “So what could we do to fill that gap? You should be eating a little more offal.”

Watch Save Money on Your Supermarket Shop on Thursday 8th September at 8pm on Channel 5

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