A JOINER who struggled to feel feminine and sexy at work has revealed people are stunned when they see her out of her uniform.

Steph, from Aberdeen, used to hide her muscles under T-shirts and felt self-conscious about her figure due to her manual job.

But the 22-year-old, who started as an apprentice in 2018, has a newfound confidence after taking up modelling on the side.

She told the Scottish Sun Online: "Feeling feminine at work is something I really struggled with when I first started.

"I looked forward to the weekend where I could make myself feel girly.

"But I went through a phase where I was quite self conscious about how muscly I was looking.

"I used to wear T-shirts that would hide it and I hated the way I looked in strappy tops.

"It wasn’t until I started modelling where I really started to love how my body looked.

"The last two years feeling feminine and sexy at work has been much easier and I think a lot of that comes from finding confidence."

Steph regularly sets pulses racing in revealing outfits on social media (@themodeljoiner).

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And the 5ft 5in beauty also draws attention on the construction site, where colleagues are used to seeing her in baggy work trousers.

She said: "I have had someone that’s seen me on site message me before saying 'I had no idea you were hiding a body like that under your work gear' and to be honest I love it.

"I kinda love being this girl that doesn’t look like much at work but when I go home it’s totally different.

"Or on works night outs where I turn up in a tight red dress and look like a different person to who they’ve came to know."

Steph joined OnlyFans in October 2021 and often finds herself working long hours to juggle her two jobs.

But she revealed her side hustle makes her feel exhilarated.

She said: "I don’t do OnlyFans because I’m desperate for cash. I do it because I genuinely enjoy the whole experience.

"It’s fun, it makes you feel good most of the time and it’s exciting.

"It is hard though because they’re both very time consuming jobs.

"When I go to work I don’t usually great, or at least I don’t look the standard I need to for doing OnlyFans work.

"So when I get home from work I have to get myself dolled up to go and promote or make content meaning I have quite a lot of late nights to get it all done."

And Steph has had nothing but support from the guys she's worked with on site.

She added: "I am super lucky with the guys at work and will forever be grateful for how they handled it.

"I remember being told that everyone had found out and I was so nervous to go back to work.

"The next day I went in and everyone was a bit nervous around me, they weren’t quite sure how to act or what to say which is understandable as they don’t want to cross the line and get in trouble.

"Eventually one of them broke the silence and so I told him I’d rather everyone took the piss out of me and had a laugh rather than be awkward around me.

"Working on that site after that conversation was great, all laughs.

"But obviously I got shifted sites again where it just repeated. But now everyone feels comfortable with it, they all joke, take the piss out of me and they’re all very curious so ask lots of questions."

Steph has now quit her construction job and gone self-employed – with high hopes of helping people, especially female customers.

She said: "I want to be a property investor one day, not only for myself but I feel i could give back by doing so.

"Whether that’s helping families and domestic abuse survivors find a decent place for cheaper rent to start their new lives or creating affordable housing.

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"So I’ve decided to go self-employed where I’ll mainly be working with property investors to get my foot in the door and learn.

"But I’ll also be able to do work for customers and hopefully help women that would feel safer with a female joiner as opposed to a male."

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