THE FEMALE farmer transformation phenomenon has some fresh vigor thanks to a contribution from a smoking redhead.

The New Zealand dairy worker’s makeover has fired up her platform, with a smoldering 120,000 likes.

TikToker Livvy Sutton (@livsutton986) wanted to prove that farmers outside the milking parlor could be as gorgeous as their non-farming counterparts.

Flame-haired Livvy stepped into her barn – and her video – dressed for a day’s work.

Her herd of Friesian cattle is lined up, tubes attached, and ready for milking.

Livvy's hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail and she wore functional shorts and a soccer shirt, and, to the amazement of many of her followers, she was barefoot.

She captioned her video: “Farmers are ugly and smelly with no sense of style.”

But her tongue was stuck firmly in her cheek because this agri duckling was about to transform into a beautiful swan.

With a snap of her fingers, Livvy turned into a Titian minx, wearing a tight body-hugging green dress, and her hair and makeup done.

Her followers went nuts over this diary farmer and with over 1200 comments, they were eager to share their views.

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One thing was for sure, they all agreed that Livvy proved with some conviction that farmers scrubbed up pretty well, and smelling of roses.

Some comments were perplexed at her boot-free approach to work.

“Please put your wellies on,” implored one fan.

But the majority had developed a serious crush.

“Redhead got style,” said one, and another said: “Scrubs up well.”

“Babe you prove your point,” confirmed one smitten follower.

Keep it up said another: “Yeah, farmer’s power. Show them, girl.”

One viewer said Livvy had managed to change people’s perception of farmers: “Wow you changed what some people think about farmers.”

Finally, one awe-struck fan wondered how to find his potential partner: “How do I get a farmer girl as my wife?” he asked.

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