A FAT loss coach has revealed the most calorific item to get in a supermarket meal deal, and it's not a white bread sandwich.

Bethany Dobson, from the UK, took to social media to share the meal deal you should buy if you want to save your calories.

"If you're in a calorie deficit, and picking up a meal deal in your lunch break, you probably think of picking up a salad, a smoothie and some type of health bar," she began.

But the fat loss coach revealed this type of supermarket meal deal isn't actually the best choice if you're looking to lose weight.

In fact, it could be doing the complete opposite.

Bethany added this type of meal deal comes to about 1,000 calories in total and won't keep you full for longer than 20 minutes.


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Instead, the fat loss coach recommended a surprising alternative.

"It's actually going to fill you up but actually makes you stick to your calories," she said.

"Swap your salad for a chicken salad sandwich."

She added that you should switch your smoothies for a fizzy sugar-free dinner instead and also go for a protein yoghurt over a health bar.

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While smoothies will help you get some of your five a day in, they are usually jam-packed with sugar and aren't the shortcut to a healthy diet you might think they are say the British Heart Foundation.

The 'healthy' meal deal comes to 1,000whereas the sandwich, fizzy drink and yoghurt is just 500 calories and has way more protein to keep you fuller for longer.

"You can have 500 more calories left for the rest of the day to eat whatever you want and actually stay full," Bethany added.

"Stop getting drawn into all the health marketing, because most of the time, it's a load of s**t."

The video posted to her TikTok account @bethanyydobson has quickly gone viral with over 730k views and 40k likes.

People who viewed the video were quick to share their thoughts, and it left many divided.

One person wrote: "That’s not a salad it’s pasta??"

Another commented: "That's the secret, keep the calories down and increase your carbs."

"Thanks will try this," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Well said."

"Exactly, people obsessed with calories, it’s the sugar that needs to be watched,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Chicken salad every time."

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