IT'S BAD news if you've got any of these seven things lingering in your wardrobe.

According to this fashion whizz they're making you look loads bigger, and some of them might even surprise you.

Luckily, fashion whizz Chi Li shared exactly why they're so bad and revealed what you should wear instead.

Jersey fabric

It might be comfortable, but the truth is that jersey tops and dresses are doing you no favours.

Chi said: "They cling to your body and show every lump and bump, you can still wear them just avoid anything that is going to cling, like a dress that flares out."

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High neck tops

"We all need a good white t-shirt in the summer," Chi said, adding that, "the issue is the neck is very high, it might look ok if you're skinny but if you have big boobs this is going to make you look bulkier.

"It can easily make you look 10 pounds heavier."

Instead go for something with a lower neckline that will make your frame look smaller, especially if its a square neckline.

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Skirts with elastic waistbands

If your aim is to look slimmer you should always avoid skirts with chunky elastic waistbands, the fashion whizz explained.

Chi said elastic waistbands can highlight your midsection, which is usually the area you'll want to conceal.

"It looks like a nightmare," Chi quipped.

Opt for a skirt with a belted waist instead to avoid looking bigger than you are.

Boxy crop tops

Boxy crop tops don't have to be as cropped as you might think to pile on the pounds.

Chi said: "Because they're so wide they expand you but in the wrong direction."

She added: "If you're busty this is going to add so much volume to your top half, it'll look like a tent.

"And because they're so short you can't tuck them so there's nothing you can do except look like SpongeBob's cousin.

Loud prints

Loud prints are always going to make you look loads bigger, the trick to wearing prints the right way is to pick something with a low contrast.

According to the pro, the print can be as busy as you like, as long as "the contrast is subtle and the print goes vertical."

Big prints with contrasting colours can "easily add a few pounds to you, especially if you're a shorter person."

Tight with tight

If you love a figure hugging outfit, make sure that only one part of it is tight.

Wear tight jeans with a tight top just isn't going to work for most people.

That doesn't mean that your top has to be oversized, just make sure that it isn't clinging to your body.

Bulky shoes

"If you don't want your outfit to make you look bigger, avoid any bulky shoes," Chi said.

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They might be trendy but they're making you look heavier than you really are.

If you want bare to part with your chunky shoes, go for something in a nude colour, "it'll make it less obvious that your shoes have a lot of bulk," the pro explained.

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