WITH summer just a few weeks away, many of us are already planning holidays and trips to the beach.

But with a cupboard full of bikinis also comes another guest – cameltoe.

Whilst there definitely is nothing wrong with it, some beach goers prefer to hide it.

One of them is a TikTok-famous fashion whizz, Style Fox (@stylexfox), whose savvy clothing hacks have amassed her a notable fanbase of almost 150,000 followers.

With the warmer weather in mind, she's also begun to share more summer-appropriate fashion tricks, with one such revealing how to get rid of cameltoe using a 1p hack.

In the viral clip, which has been viewed by close to 270,000 TikTok users in less than a day, the whizz demonstrated a stunning lime green pair of bikini bottoms.

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According to the New York-based guru, the trick is simple and only requires a small piece of tape.

For all those keen to try out the hack for themselves, all you need to do is stick some tape on the inner part of the bikini in the area you wish to hide.

Although Style Fox did not give specific measures, the tape should be wide and long enough to fit the inner lining of your bikini bottoms.

She explained: ''Tape is thin enough that it won't be bulky but still thick enough to hide any creasing.''

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The fashion whizz also demonstrated the effectiveness of this hack in a follow-up video, where she was wearing the same bikini.

But whilst some loved the hack and thanked Style Fox for sharing it, not everyone was on the same page, with many thinking cameltoe is nothing to be hidden.


''What’s the obsession with hiding something that everyone knows it’s there. You have lips.

''We’ve seen them before, why hide them now? Do men hide it?''

A second agreed, saying: ''We have a bulging and no one is asking to tape it down. We are human. Deal with it.''

Someone even attempted to start a campaign and jokingly – or perhaps not – commented: ''#savethecameltoe.''

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There were also a couple of sceptical viewers who were convinced the fashion hack wouldn't work, as one put it: ''tape will peel off and end up in a funny place.''

''Make sure it’s not double sided,'' a person warned.

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