LOOKING expensive has been an art that fashionistas of all tax brackets have tried to perfect.

One fashion pro has the lowdown on how to achieve a luxury look for less.

Lorna Luxe is a UK-based fashion and lifestyle blogger.

She took to Instagram to share her six secrets to making an inexpensive outfit look expensive.

First, she suggested aspiring fashionistas get their clothing bespoke — even if it's a cheaper piece.

"Get pieces tailored," she wrote in an Instagram story. "I tend to have most pants/jeans tailored a little."


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The magic doesn't stop at the cut, she told followers to switch out buttons in order to elevate inexpensive clothing.

"Change the buttons so it doesn't look so generic," she advised.

She suggested to avoid loud, sparkly embellishments on cheaper items of clothing and accessories.

"Keep it simple," she said. "Embellished stuff can look cheap if it isn't high-end, where as simple classic pieces are harder to spot.

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Her advice did not stop at clothing and outerwear — she advised on opting for quality undergarments as well.

"Great underwear will make your silhouette more streamlined and your outfit look more expensive," she explained.

According to Luxe, always choose black over brown — especially for handbags.

"Black not brown," she advised. "A brown bag can look tired and dingy where as a black one will always look classic and expensive."

Finally, she told followers to invest in a wardrobe that is enduring.

"Invest in statement pieces rather than 'timeless classics,'" she wrote.

"Attention-grabbing pieces that can't be duped are way more valuable than an expensive white shirt you could probably find for less at ASOS and have tailored," she added.

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