A DOG expert has revealed the breed people regret getting the most – and the main culprits are busy families.

Will Atherton is a Canine Behaviourist and has saved thousands of dogs from shelters and the euthanasia table.

The 32-year-old’s mission is to educate people so that they choose appropriate dog breeds they are able to handle properly. 

And he’s very keen on people doing their research on this breed of dog before buying one.

Will said that busy families who welcome a Border Collie into their home can often regret their decision.

He explained: “They are able and capable of unbelievable feats of training with their working capacity of herding sheep.

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“They are an absolute joy to watch.

“However, some people hear that they’re the smartest dog in the world and the most trainable dog in the world.

“And what they hear is, ‘easy to train’ as opposed to, ‘most trainable’.

“They get them and they try and fit this dog that’s bred to work for hours and hours on end everyday into a busy family life.

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“I’ve worked with many Border Collies who get bored and extremely destructive.

“They often will herd children – that’s a common behaviour I have to help Border Collies with.”

According to the American Kennel Club, Border Collies are “workaholics”. 

The organisation confirmed: “The Border Collie is an amazing dog.

“Maybe a bit too amazing for owners without the time, energy, or means to keep it occupied.”

Will has even worked on cases where frustrated Border Collies have pulled children around by their clothes and nipped at their ankles to try and herd them. 

Border Collies need at least two hours of exercise a day but are loving and cuddly once their day is done. 

Potential owners are also advised to have a big and secure garden for their active pooch to tire itself out in.

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They’re so intelligent they’re known to be able to find their way home if they ever get lost.

One Border Collie jumped on a bus home after getting separated from his owners while in the park. 

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