A DERMATOLOGIST has shared her secret to building the perfect 'retinoid sandwich' that provides optimal anti-aging skincare results.

The woman shared the products needed for building out the best nighttime skincare routine for those with sensitive skin.

Licensed Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe explains to viewers the premise behind a "retinoid sandwich" and why it's fundamental to the health and wellness of your facial skin.

Not only is the professional a dermatologist, but she is also the founder of her skincare brand Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty.

Most skincare specialists recommend not using retinoids every night on a certain night so as to not irritate the skin and promote anti-aging.

In the video, Bowe lays out the step-by-step skincare process for the retinoid night that is perfect for beginners and for those with more sensitive skin.


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"If you have sensitive skin and you're new to retinoids, you might have heard about building a retinoid sandwich, so here are my tips on how to build the perfect sandwich on retinoid night," Bowe says at the start of the video.

She says the first step in the skincare method is to cleanse the skin and then apply a lightweight moisturizer or hydrating serum that doesn't have ingredients like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or Dimethicone.

This is because the moisturizer is supposed to buffer the retinoid and not block it from reaching the surface of the skin completely.

Bowe adds that the moisturizer should be applied to the areas that are most sensitive to retinoids, such as the eyes, smile lines, chin area, and neck region.

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The next step in the skincare process is to apply a pea-sized amount of the retinoid all around your face.

Dab it along the face, take another pea-sized amount of the product and dab it along the neck, and use two pea-sized amounts for the chest.

Then, the top of the "sandwich" is to seal it with the lightweight moisturizer again, but don't slug it on your face.

Slugging is a skincare trend that includes coating your face with a moisturizer or petroleum to keep moisture in your skin.

"You don't want to push the retinoid unpredictably into the skin and drive irritation in the skin," she states. "So, you don't want to use a moisturizer that has a high concentration of something like petroleum jelly and you want to apply it on top."

The skincare professional adds that it's important to let your skin adjust to the retinoid over time.

"As your skin adjusts to the retinoid over time, you can actually skip that first step and apply the retinoid directly onto dry skin. It'll actually increase the potency," she explains.

Dr. Bowe's beauty tips were much appreciated and respected, shown by the mass amount of comments and questions she received on the video.

"I’m starting a higher percent of tretinoin and I think it’s irritating my skin so I’m gonna try this!!" one viewer shared.

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"Dr. Whitney you’re the best," another added.

"Any recommendations on that moisturizer?" another inquired.

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