A DENTIST has revealed you don’t need to get veneers to have pearly white, straight teeth… but there’s a catch. 

Known as ‘The Bentist’, Ben owns his own business called ‘Something Nice Company’, which is all about oral care. 

The dentist often uses social media to share his top tips and insider knowledge on the matter too. 

And in one such video, he revealed you can get the look of veneers without “ruining the structure of your tooth”. 

He started the clip off by sharing a video of someone getting “no prep porcelain veneers” on top of their existing teeth. 

Looking shocked, Ben then said: “No prep veneers? Is that even a thing? Well, actually it is and sometimes it can actually be a pretty good option for you guys.”

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He explained that this is especially true for those looking to find out what it veneers would look like before getting it done. 

Explaining the process, he went on: “Now what happens is they basically etch the outer surface and then they lay them over the top.” 

Ben said this is normally only done to the upper teeth, because if you add them to the lower teeth as well then you can “bit down and hit on them”, which could cause them to break.

TikTok user @thebentist went on to explain that one of the issues with this is that it really only works for people who already have straight teeth. 

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“If you have a lot of crooked teeth, you have to end up shaving a lot of that tooth structure anyways – kind of defeating the purpose,” he said.

“Another thing that I have noticed… from what I’ve heard from them [other dentists], they don’t last as long and they end up kind of popping off a lot.

“And they have to get them redone a lot.” 

Ben then shared his advice to people, explaining that if you like the shape of your teeth then you should get braces to “move them in the right position”. 

And then you can simply whiten them. 

But if you hate the shape of your teeth then “veneers is probably going to have to be the option for you”. 

He added: “Because I can make them straight, but I can’t change the shape of them.” 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “I never thought about it, but I now understand how people have bright white, straight teeth. Veneers.”

Another said: “Someone I knew had this done and she said they were the lee press-on’s for teeth”.



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A third person wrote: “They’re a great option when your natural teeth start small with spaces in between!”

While a fourth added: “Almost like fake nails…they don't last long and they pop off. that's exactly what they remind me of..”

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