A YOUNG woman has clapped back at people who say she doesn't fit the country girl vibe because of how she dresses.

She made it abundantly clear that she doesn't have the energy for that, whether she's in boots and jeans or not.

Mallory Ledbetter (@malloryledbetter) is a loyal country girl but maybe doesn't look it on the outside.

You won't find her constantly decked out in jeans and cowboy boots like many other farm girls.

In a TikTok video, she subtly hit back at people who said she wasn't a real country girl because of what she wears.

Though she likes to dress up and show off her personal style, she displayed a more casual look when addressing her audience.

When the video began, the vibrant beauty stood in her living room as the quote next to her read: "REAL country girls wear boots and jeans."

The subtitle represented a comment she's received from her viewers, and she responded back with the visual.

In the video, she walked toward the camera and mouthed along to the background audio that said "I don't have the energy for you today."

For the duration of the video, the brunette wore an oversized sweatshirt dress and rolled-down fuzzy boots with her hair in a messy ponytail.

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The fashion choice was a direct juxtaposition to the more coordinated and figure-hugging outfits she normally posts online.

To further emphasize her point, the video's caption read: "Heaven forbid I don’t wake up in a pair of wranglers."

Numerous people rushed to the comments to offer their two cents on the topic.

"Like y’all we can wear sneakers and leggings too," one viewer commented.

"Real. Sometimes I just wanna wear leggings D**N," another chimed in.

"I’m a real cowgirl so I wear my boots and jeans in bed boom!" a woman shared in opposition.

"More like just chuck on whatever pair of shoes is in sight and whatever clothes you can find," a TikTok user added.

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