HAVE you ever wondered what the colour of your clothes could be saying about your personality?

Well, it turns out you could be revealing plenty of secrets simply by dressing head to toe in one shade over another.

And you're not alone, as celebrities – including the likes of new mum Molly Mae Hague and reality Queen Kim Kardashian – also make a statement every time they step out of the house.

So what does it mean if you gravitate towards grey or muted tones, and does it reveal something deep and meaningful if you'd rather mix things up with a splash of colour?

According to Miranda Holder, a top celebrity stylist and fashion expert, colour is key when it comes to style.

Miranda, who you can follow on Instagram at @TheMirandaHolder, maintains that each colour has its own set of secrets and can tell you a lot about a person and what they're really like behind closed doors.

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Miranda exclusively tells us: "Wearing colour is the quickest way to communicate to the world, without uttering a single word.

"So it’s worth familiarising yourself with the different associations – yellow for optimism, orange for energy, green for calm etc – so you can utilise its amazing powers to your benefit."

Here, Miranda unveils the real meaning behind some famous faces' wardrobes – from those who want to fade into the background to those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Molly Mae Hague

Molly Mae looks beautiful in muted tones, favouring pale grey and ice blue, amongst others.

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Grey is the ultimate neutral – a fence-sitter on the colour wheel, going well with a large number of other colours.

Wearing this indicates that Molly herself is naturally on the quiet side, preferring to keep herself to herself.

Wearing grey indicates a certain amount of self-control and maturity – Molly is happiest when she can be private, but this colour also portrays the wearer as being reliable and trustworthy.

Pale blue is similar to grey in that it is also a calming, soothing colour which indicates serenity and peace.

By wearing this hue, Molly is again not clamouring for centre stage, but is – possibly subconsciously – positioning herself as a steady, devoted mother, who largely wishes to be left alone while she looks after her baby.

Blue is regularly used in the medical profession for its ability to promote professionalism and trustworthiness, which may be why Molly gravitates towards this – she wants to be left to her own devices to raise her baby in peace.

Wearing colour is the quickest way to communicate to the world, without uttering a single word

Amanda Holden

Amanda always stands out from a crowd in her zingy, bright block colours.

It’s tactical dopamine dressing at its finest, with the welcome effect that both the wearer and the onlooker feel great in the presence of these bold tones.

Amanda’s agenda is clear – it’s ‘look at me’ – and why not?!

She looks absolutely fantastic, has no doubt worked very hard to reach the dizzy heights of her career and rightly wants to revel in it.

She also needs to keep a consistently high media profile to retain her success, so is taking no risks with these bold, saturated tones which unapologetically draw your eye, demanding attention.

Wearing dramatic, colourful hues make us feel alive, these tones are literally exhilarating to wear, making you feel engaged with the world – Amanda is having the ride of her life and she is fully committed to every second of it.

Amanda’s agenda is clear – it’s ‘look at me’ – and why not?!

Geri Horner

The former Spice girl loves the colour white, and is most frequently seen wearing this angelic hue, followed by pale neutrals such as beige.

The colour gives her an ethereal quality, invoking peace and purity and suggesting innocence and even cleanliness.

It’s quite the dramatic transition from Geri’s halcyon days as fabulously brash Ginger Spice, but perhaps that’s intentional.

Through wearing so much white and other pale colours, Geri has literally rebranded herself into a gentle, soft, kind-hearted and tender individual.

It suggests that her lifestyle is equally pure and Geri is following in the clean-living footsteps of the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, basing her life around yoga and organic everything with a side order of fresh mountain air.

She has permanently thrown off her previous pop star incarnation, preferring to seek enlightenment, peace and fulfillment and do something more meaningful with her life.

Geri has literally rebranded herself into a gentle, soft, kind-hearted and tender individual

Kim Kardashian

Dark, dangerous and mysterious, black is a firm favourite of Kim, and the vampy, gothic drama of this colour perfectly accentuates her already larger than life character.

Black is sexy and seductive, perfectly complementing Kim’s astonishingly seductive curves.

Black, like Kim, is daring and doesn't take any prisoners, being quite a harsh colour to wear – unless you have the right complexion and are surrounded by a glam squad as big as an army (and Kim has both).

It also provides an air of luxury and mystery that can keep us on our toes.

The iconic Black Widow advert springs to mind with beautiful Amanda Lamb in her mysterious black cape – everyone wanted to know: "Who was she?"

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Kim capitalises on all this notion, which is absolutely no coincidence, and has oodles of confidence to carry the whole lot off with panache whilst keeping the media, and the public hooked.

The question is always, what black ensemble will she be wearing next?!

Miranda’s handy hack to work out what colour you should be wearing

According to Miranda, nobody should be afraid to experiment and mix up the colours in their capsule wardrobe.

She says: "It might surprise you that there’s a shade of every colour to suit everyone, you just have to get the undertone right.

"So next time you think you ‘can’t wear yellow’, be reassured that by considering different versions you will eventually find the right one for you.

"Many of my clients are a little afraid of bright colours, not really being confident in how to wear them.

"So if you would like to broaden your horizons and tap into a more colourful style, start small with accessories that make you smile and bring you joy, and build from there."

Meanwhile, Miranda said there's a trusty and simple hack to determine which colours will suit your skin tone best – and everyone is different.

She continues: "There is an easy hack to establish whether you suit warm tones with a yellow undertone, or cool tones with a blue undertone, which can be very helpful while shopping.

"Simply look at the veins in your wrists in good natural light. If they are more blue, you suit cool tones and if they are more green you suit warm tones."

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