A CLEANING whizz has been left gobsmacked after realising hard water can build up around faucets. 

While you might think taps won’t get dirty thanks to their constant use, you could be wrong – and this is a lesson Shay learned the hard way.

Taking to her social media account, she first turned the camera to face her feet as she rushed to her sink to check her tap. 

“In my 30 years of life, no one ever told me that hard water could build up on your faucet,” she told viewers. 

She then picked up the retractable faucet and turned it around to show the grimy tap with hard water build up all over it. 

Making a grunt, she said: “This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.” 

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Taking it upon herself to rectify the issue, she took a clear, plastic sandwich bag and put “one part vinegar, one part water” in it. 

She then placed it around the faucet head and secured it so that it was completely submerged. 

“I’m going to let this just sit overnight,” she told viewers.

Eight hours later she returned to see if it had worked as she continued: “It’s better, I’m going to scrub it with soap and then show you what it looks like.” 

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Following her rigorous cleaning hack, she showed the faucet once more, revealing how clean and pristine it was.

“This is what I want it to look like all the time,” she told viewers. “And I hope this was helpful for somebody.” 

In the caption, she added: “Go check your faucets right now! Especially if you have hard water,” followed by a shocked face emoji and a crying emoji.

People were left shocked that she had never checked or noticed the build up of hard water before.

“Y’all not wiping your faucets down? Like at least once a week, come on,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “How did you not notice that,” as a third shared: “so yall don’t scrub and deep clean everything once a month?” 

Another person said: “I’ve never cleaned mine and I’m scared to look,” to which TikTok user @shay_creates replied: “I feel like I’m going to be judged hard core because of how bad it is, but if it helps just one person than it’s ok”.

And a fifth person wrote: “A water softener will prevent this!” 

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