WHEN it comes to decorating your home, you may have your heart set on a particular design or item.

However, a cleaning professional has revealed there are some popular household features that she would never have in her own home as they harbour germs and are hard to clean.

Best-seller author and TV host Lynsey Crombie, who is also known as the Queen of Clean, revealed to Fabulous her biggest pet peeves around the home…

Shower curtains

They may be practical and often stylish, but shower curtains are very high maintenance, according to the cleaning whizz.

Lynsey said: “These often get covered in mould and mildew so not a good look for your bathroom. 

“They are hard to clean and need replacing every one to three months.”

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Rattan outdoor plastic furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, rattan is a very popular choice.

However, Lydsey said it can quickly look less than appealing, especially after a heatwave,

She explained: “Light coloured rattan, as once it gets sun damaged, it will never look the same or clean to new.”

Light pull/cord

Pull cords are often popular in bathrooms, but are a nightmare to disinfect, says Lynsey.

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She explained: “Multiple people's hands and fingers touch them causing them to discolour and look unsightly. 

“Not to mention the germs and dirt that cling on.”

Bristle brush toilet brush

Many people have a toilet brush standing beside their loo, but you may wish to avoid bristle brush heads.

Lynsey said: “Poo particles get stuck in the bristles making them hard to keep clean, covered in germs and look horrible. 

“Why would you then re-clean your toilet with it? 

“If you want a toilet brush stick to a silicone one – much more hygienic.”

Light covered roller blinds

Another home feature which can be more trouble than it’s worth is blinds.

The cleaning professional explained: “Lighter blinds often pick up dead insects, flies, spider poo and cobwebs, they need to be cleaned very gently so it is NO NO from me.”

Toilet mats

Some people love to decorate their bathroom with mats that go around their toilets, but you should perhaps think twice before doing this.

According to Lynsey “these often get splashed with urine and if you are not cleaning regularly they will stink.”

Not ideal.

Bathroom carpets

Tying into this is also bathroom carpets, which aren’t hugely popular but some people love them.

However, Lynsey advised: “Bathroom carpets are another big NO NO.

“They are a bigger area than toilet mats which will retain hair and urine. 

“Plus, if the carpet gets wet it will start to smell cheesy.”

Anything white

Lysney said that although beige homes are trending at the moment, thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, light colours can be a nightmare to maintain.

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She said: “Avoid white items such as sofas, white bedding and outdoor white cushions.

“The beige/cream minimal trend is big at the moment but it is completely impractical.”

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