A BEAUTY guru has shared her professional opinion on the viral no-wash hair trend – and looks like it's time to head to the shower.

Last week, one woman went viral after revealing she hadn't washed her locks for a whopping 20 days.

But despite claiming it felt soft to touch and didn't even appear to be that greasy, one beauty pro, Akta Balavia (@aktabavalia_hair), has urged people to steer clear from this trend.

''I know this is a divided opinion but as a trichologist in training I'm going to tell you why this hair training thing doesn't really make sense.

''The skin on your scalp is skin – it's a living tissue, so it produces oil, it sweats, it sheds skin.''

The whizz went on to explain in her video: ''Basically, it gives the perfect environment for bacteria to build up if you don't wash it.'

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This, Akta told her 123k followers, will lead to a ''funky, musty, dirty, greasy hair smell''.

To avoid this, you need to wash your scalp.

''Leaving it for days on end will just make it worse. And in addition to that, you're going to get irritation, you're going to get flakiness, itchiness, inflammation.''

According to Akta, skipping shampoo for longer periods of time can also lead to hair loss.

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''Even if you think your hair looks great after 20 days of not washing it, think about the actual bacteria.

''Think about what it's doing to your scalp and your hair follicles.

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''Ask yourselves this – would you go 20 days without washing the skin on your face? Probably not, so why would you do that to your scalp?''

Fellow hair and beauty fans flocked to comments, with many not understanding the appeal of this trend either.

One exclaimed: ''I feel so icky when I don't wash my hair for like 3 days.''

''I understand a week (I still couldn’t wait a week) but 21 days like just no,'' a second was baffled.

''unwashed hair stinks! it's such a bad smell,'' a TikTok user was hair-rified.

A fourth added: ''I recently thought of this!! Do as you please, but your scalp is skin and needs to be cleaned.''

Speaking of all things hair, did you know you've been using serums and oils all wrong?

Sharing his tips and tricks, the hair guru Matt, from New York, the US, took to TikTok to enlighten us all.

''Don't apply hair serum from the bottle onto your hair,'' he said to his 1.4million fans.

''Most oil-based or serum-based hair products are gonna perform best when you break them down really well on your palm.''

According to Matt, who posts under the username @mattloveshair, you should first squeeze a tiny amount of the serum and rub into into your hands for eight or so seconds.

Once it's warm and ready to use, gently work it into your locks and watch magic happen.

Posted less than a day ago, the clip has already taken the video-sharing platform by storm, racking up a whopping 1.3million views.

But whilst Matt swore by this trick, social media users were divided – whereas some thanked the guru, others reckoned it was a waste of product.

''But doesn’t the serum just absorb into ur skin?'' one person wondered.

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Someone else agreed, writing: ''yeah so we can waste 50% of the serum on our palm.''

''But I’m not a fan of how the oils leave my hand,'' a third commented.

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