A MOM has shared with followers her struggles with her body after the birth of her two children via C-section.

The 29-year-old is 5'11 and weighs 250ilbs and encouraged her 5,000 followers to axe the idea of BMI.

She added that setting standards for how a certain weight looks on a particular height is unrealistic.

Jewlie (@jewlie93) regularly posts content about being a mom and her struggles with her body shape and relationships.

In one video she posted a clip of herself in front of a mirror, filming many angles to show followers what her body looks like.

She wrote: "Heard we're showing our 250lb bods to prove no bodies are the same.

"Here's what my 250lb looks like for a 5'11 mom with 2 sections."

While wearing a pair of blue gym pants and a black Jurassic Park tee, she jumped in front of her mirror and started dancing.

One viewer replied to the clip, saying: "I'm so jealous of tall girls. I'm 5'4 and 220. I'm so big."

Jewlie replied: "ALL my sisters and my mom are 5'4 trust me, I WISH I was shorter, I've been called a giant and Amazonian my entire life."

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She added: "I literally HATE my body. I was a size 8 before I had my daughter now I'm an 18 and jeans rarely fit."

Meanwhile other viewers praised her body saying: "You look amazing" with another calling her "one gorgeous momma."

Showing the depths of her body struggles, Jewlie even posted a video questioning why the doctors doing her C-section didn't offer a surgery believed to enhance her body.

She wrote: "Sometimes I think about how the doctors could have easily offered a complimentary tummy tuck during my c section.

"You were literally half way there."

In the comments she added, "it would have been like five more minutes of work."

While Jewlie struggles with her size, she has also encouraged herself and her followers to go of their comfort zone.

In another video she tells herself to wear a crop top that has been in her closet for over a year.

She filmed herself wearing the black crop top with blue high-waisted jeans and a short fleece-lined jacket.

The footage has an audio clip originally made by TikTok user @samyra who repeatedly told women to "wear the crop top."

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Samyra adds: "The ones with the backs out too. And if somebody says somethin about yo rolls tell em they better have some butter!"

Jewlie wrote that she "plays the sound to hype herself up to wear this shirt."

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