A WOMAN has left the internet stunned with her youthful looks.

Barbi Porter, 47, is often mistaken for being years younger then she actually is.

In a recent TikTok clip posted to her account @barbieporter, the mum made a duet of a video with her daughter which said: One of us is 46,the other one is 22.

"But who is who?

"Guess who is the mum, who is the daughter."

Barbi was inundated with responses and many claimed they couldn't tell who was who.


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One wrote: "I still don’t know who’s older. Y’all both look 22!"

Another person commented: "I had a hard time telling, but this is funny."

Barbi penned: "when everyone insists I'm 46… but says i look good for my age."

Over the video she used the sound 'a win is a win.'

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People were quick to say she looked much younger than her age though.

"Your not 46 honey. 26 maybe," wrote one person.

Someone else penned: "26 maybe ? but pretty af either way."

In another clip, one asked for the mum's beauty secrets, writing: "I'm gonna need to know your moisturiser etc, seriously."

The mum revealed that her secret weapon to youthful looking skin was drenching it in baby oil.

She said: "I use baby oil, like, religiously.

"I use baby oil, like, a couple times a week.

"I will drench myself head to toe, and then I leave it on there for about 30min and I wipe it off with a towel, and then I put, like, a moisturiser on over it.

"It is a game changer."

Another top tip Barbi has for looking young is to 'avoid men at all costs.'

She revealed the secret in another video responding to a comment that read: "Jesus, I hope I look half as good in my 40s. have any tips?"

Many people thanked Barbi for her anti-ageing tips, however some weren't convinced the secret was baby oil.

One person wrote: "It works you look awesome!"

Another commented: "And you’re absolutely gorgeous so keep it up!!"

"I’m not sure you’re telling the truth," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth said: "And Botox."

Someone else added: "I use coconut oil. Love it!! I'm 45 going on 30 lol."

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