WHILE most of us would love to stay looking young forever, it does come with downfalls.

Isabelle Lux, 31, is often mistaken for a teenager and is constantly asked for ID when out – her youthful looks have even had people ask if her fiancé is her dad.

But Isabelle, from New York, has left the internet stunned by how young she looks.

The beauty influencer hasn't changed a bit since she was a teenager, and many people comment on the fact she still looks like one.

Speaking to Fabulous, Isabelle reveals that it isn't just people online who claim she looks younger than she is.

She said: "I wasn't surprised to see the comments online telling me I look young.


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"In person, people often think I'm a full decade younger than I am."

In fact, when she posted photos of herself and her fiancé online, many assumed it was her dad to start with.

Isabelle adds: "I was really shocked to see that a few comments mistook my fiance (1.5 years older than me) for my father."

And the youthful beauty even has to dress up when she goes out to make sure she looks somewhat like her age.

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"When I'm out, if I'm dressed down I'll be ID-ed often so I actually try to dress really well if I'm going out so my clothing can speak to my actual age a bit more," she explains.

Although it looks like Isabelle hasn't aged a day since she was a teen, she reveals it's all down to a strict skincare routine.


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She also boils down her youthful looks to better lifestyle choices such as not drinking regularly and maintaining a healthy weight.

Isabelle says: "I definitely didn't always look younger than my age – a serious skincare routine can work wonders.

"Lifestyle choices have also made a huge difference, from stopping sun-tanning and drinking alcohol regularly to being at a healthy weight (when you're really underweight as I once was your skin can appear to age a decade.)"

She adds: "I drank a lot throughout my 20s and I didn't realize what a huge impact it has on your skin and appearance until I (mostly) stopped.

"Now I'll have a glass of wine every two weeks with friends or family."

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The beauty influencer often shares tips and tricks on social media on how to her achieve her youthful, glowy skin and even showed how she's trained her forehead not to move to prevent wrinkles.

Here, Isabelle reveals her top five tips to reverse the signs of ageing.


  • Get plenty of high-quality sleep, and sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles.
  • Be sure your skin is hydrated from the inside out which means drinking lots of water and focusing on hydrating skincare particularly during winter if you live in a dryer/cooler climate.
  • Don't overdo any one thing – not too much retinol, not too much acid, not too many masks etc.
  • Avoid drinking too much or smoking at all.
  • Wear SPF daily and stay out of the sun.

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