A FORMER Hooters girl has dished out some of the downsides of what many may perceive to be a fun job – including some ridiculous things she got instead of tips.

Posting to her TikTok (@tripsandtraveltips), Yasmeen revealed that she worked at Hooters for over four years.

“What working as a Hooters girl is actually like,” she began.

Wearing the classic tiny orange shorts, the tight white bodysuit tank with the owl logo, and white sneakers, she shared some insights.

The first downside? “Uncomfortable uniform,” she said.

Next, she explained she had to deal with many men who made suggestive comments when she asked for their food order. They would ask: “Are you on the menu?”

Her third complaint pertained to how some of the female guests would treat her. She claimed that women who accompanied their boyfriends to the restaurant were often mean to her – for no reason other than the fact that she was serving them.

And lastly, she said some customers got a little too creative with their tips – and she clearly wasn’t a fan: “Getting left a Snapchat username instead of a tip,” she said, while rolling her eyes and mouthing “WTF.”

Still, Yasmeen said she did meet some “incredible people” through the restaurant, and in a comment clarified that she actually enjoyed her time there.

She said: “It wasn’t bad honestly. Overall, I had a good experience.

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"I made some great friends. Some people were just jerks."

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