A MAN who was once King Charles' butler says there's a better way of eating breakfast pastries.

Grant Harrold, who is originally from Airdrie, Scotland, worked for the Royal Family between 2005 and 2011.

He worked as a butler for the now-King Charles and Queen Camilla in their household based at Highgrove House.

Grant also served under the late Queen and Prince Philip from time to time.

The former butler brands himself as Britain's leading "Royal etiquette expert" and he trains other housekeepers in the UK.

As an etiquette coach, he now creates videos on social media, offering advice to Brits on fine dining and manners.


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In one clip, he shared a tip about the correct way to eat a breakfast pastry.

He said: "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember, that when having a pastry in the morning, you only take one.

"But also, you offer to your guests first."

Viewers shared their dismay at the prospect of just taking onesweet treat at a time.

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One person said: "Do you mean take one….. at a time? Lol, I could demolish that basket in under 2 minutes."

Someone else wrote: "I think im afraid to offer first as ill end up with none!!"

A third shared: "If there is only one Chausson Aux Pomme then respectfully sir, no."

Grant previously revealed the correct way to use cutlery.

Speaking in a video, he explained: “Ladies and gentlemen, please remember that when you are presented with a sandwich as beautiful as this, it can be quite substantial and we are not anacondas. 

“So therefore you pick up your knife and cut a little bit off and that bit is easier to manage.”

This is also the case for burgers. 

He explained: “When eating a burger we use a knife and fork.

“We never use our hands, unless, of course, you are Fred Flintstone.”

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He also advised to eat cake with a fork as we are “not vultures.”

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