BABY name trends come and go, but things can get a bit boring when almost all parents are choosing the same names.

That's what one person discovered when they started working with high schools.

Cyril O'Ryan shared that he was amazed when he found out not only how similar so many of the names are but how boring they are as a result.

He posted on Quora: "So I write about high school sports as part of my job, and I've become extremely annoyed with the rosters I end up getting.

"It's like the parents all used the same name generator for their kids or they tried so very hard to come up with a unique name that they gave their kid a bad one.

He shared the names of the local high school's basketball team, which included: "Sesley, Ensley, Kenzie, Remi, Kylie, Katy, Zoe, Jacey, Madi, Addi, Addie, Addisyn, Cailyn, Braelyn and Mia.

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"Thank God for Mia," he joked, "there were four different variations of Madison/Addison on that one team.

"I covered one game earlier this year where one team had a Presli and a Jersey and the other team had a Presley and a Jerzy.

"A few years ago the football team had Dylan, Dylan, Dillon, Gavin, Gavyn and Gavin.

"I don't know how many different versions of Braiden and Aiden I've seen in the last couple of years."

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"This year there were two different kids at neighbouring schools named Toxey.

"Some other names I've seen that I disliked: Docker, Auddri, Talon, Talan, Henlee, Raycer, Stryder and Brisdon.

"Look, I'm not saying every kid has to be named Tommy or Sarah, but when your son Braiden ends up in school with Brayden, Breighden, Aidynn, Cade, Cadynn, Caden and Caddence, don't say you weren't warned."

It seemed other users agreed that the repetitive names were pretty dull.

One said: "Parents should try hard to give a baby a name he or she can live with and embrace.

"And stay away from current trends. In the 70’s there were so many Jennifer's. now there are too many Sofia's."

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