A MCDONALD'S worker has revealed the worst customers to serve at the fast food chain.

Abbie Selby, from the UK, took to TikTok to call out the eight worst McDonald's customers.

In the clip, the fast food employee said: "The different types of customers," as she listed them off.

First up was the person who gets to the till without knowing what they want to order.

These sorts of customers often hold the queue up as they take ages to pick says Abbie.

"The customer who comes to McDonald's on the wrong day," was next.


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While it may not be the customer's fault, they also hold the queue up as everything they pick is currently unavailable.

She revealed they often start by asking for a McFlurry, which we all know the machine often breaks down.

Then they'll ask for a milkshake, which the employee admits is also unavailable.

There's also the customer who doesn't know the menu says Abbie.

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"Um, I'll just get a pot of gravy then, on the side," said the customer

"Again, that's not us. That's KFC," Abbie informed them.

Another common customer is the one who constantly tries to get a TikTok hack.

After watching videos online of how to get 'secret menu' items, the customer will ask for the most obscure things and most of the time, the employee can't order it for you she warned.

Acting as a customer, she said: "Can I get the pigs and blankets then, please?

"Saw that on TikTok as well."

Abbie replied: "That's also not a thing.

"We have the menu in front of you, there's no secret menu."

There's also the 'plain' customer, these ones are always customising their burgers to the point it has nothing inside.

Abbie has also met a few of the 'dad joke' customers while working at the fast food chain.

After making a big order, a customer will joke 'oh that's not all for me,' clearly leaving Abbie in hysterics.

And of course, Abbie has encountered many 'Karens' while on the job.

The revealed that even when their order is perfect they still want to complain to the manager.

Finally, Abbie has to spend her time dealing with the 'cool kid' customers, often found sitting in a booth trying not to get caught vaping inside.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "I am 100% the plain one everything is plain with just cheese."

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Another commented: "We had no shakes, flurries, no mcspicy and no mccrispy yesterday was horrible."

"I hate working here man," penned a third.

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