A WOMAN has warned other singletons about clarifying date details before heading out after she was left horrified at a man’s choice of “restaurant”. 

Vanessa Payne was asked out to dinner by a man she had been chatting with on dating app Hinge.

Before the blunder, the 31-year-old says things were “going really well”. 

“He asked me if he could take me out for dinner and I was like, ‘Yeah sure, why not?’” she explained in a TikTok video. 

“So he just sent me the address, I didn’t even question it.”

On the day of the date, Vanessa entered the address into her maps app which showed up as a “plaza that had a bunch of restaurants”. 

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But when she met up with the mystery man, he directed them into McDonald’s. 

“At least I got a free Diet Coke out of it,” Vanessa, from Toronto, Canada, recalled. 

“Stay safe out there.”

Her video has been viewed nearly 300k times, with hundreds of people sharing Vanessa’s horror in the comments. 

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Fortunately, other women shared their dating fail stories to make her feel better. 

“I met a guy in my apartment building and he asked me if I wanted to grab coffee at the lobby sometime,” one penned. 

“I thought it was a cute coffee shop. 

“Nope, he meant the apartment lobby.”

Another shared: “I met up with a guy on my lunch break once because he asked and when I got to the McDonald’s he had already ordered HIS food." 

Another woman told Vanessa she should be “grateful” that her date actually showed up, after she was “stood up” yesterday.

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