A WOMAN is shutting down the haters who criticize the way she dresses.

Rebekah Weintraub said she doesn’t pay attention to other people’s opinions of her because she knows she looks good.

As a “transformational coach” and “human design expert,” Rebekah often shares her insights about positive thinking and self-confidence on TikTok (@rebekahjoyw).

In a recent video, she said she wears whatever makes her feel good despite what others think.

The audio she chose to use for the clip said: “And as for me, lately I’ve been focusing less on doing what they say I can’t do, and more on doing whatever the hell I want.”

Posing for the camera to reveal her ensemble of choice, Rebekah looked cool and confident in a green bra top and loose jeans.

“Bad girls wear whatever the hell they want,” she began.

“Bra as a top? Baggy jeans? Too much skin? SAY LESS.”

Her toned stomach, arms, and chest were on display as she modeled off the outfit, which she paired with a baseball cap and sneakers.

Driving her point home, she captioned the clip: “If I want to wear a bra as a top, I will.”

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Another woman said she, too, doesn’t let critics get to her when they tell her to wear less revealing clothes.

The 58-year-old TikTok creator Darla said she is constantly told to “dress her age,” but she ignores it.

In the video, she wore a pair of low-rise skinny jeans and a sexy halter top that cut down the middle of her stomach.

“My reaction when I'm told to dress my age."

She danced around confidently in the skimpy outfit to brush off the haters.

While most viewers encouraged her to continue being confident and proud, others took it as another opportunity to put her down.

"Very respectfully, you are way too old for this context, choose another one more accordingly with your age," one judgmental person wrote.

Another person commented: "Desperation….Find some self-respect."

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"Never too old to wear what I want," Darla wrote back.

She continues to ignore the haters and still uploads videos in her bikini, sports bra, mini bodycon dresses, and booty shorts.

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