GROUP chats can be a nightmare at the best of times, but when they're full of other parents you probably want to make a good impression.

That's what one woman thought when she was added to a WhatsApp group full of other mums from her daughter's new school.

Everything was going well with "nice enough chat" and some parents she already know from nursery.

But then she was shamed for asking a simple question in the group chat, leaving her confused.

Posting on Mumsnet, she explained: "There was some chat on there about registering for something for the kids for September and I didn’t know what it was so asked, 'sorry, what website do I need to register on what’s it for please?'"

After over an hour of no relies, another parent finally chimed in to say: "Oh god, it’s not going to be one of those groups where people ask stupid questions and no one can do a thing for themselves is it? If so I’m leaving!”


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The mum said other parents liked the harsh reply to her message, making her feel "awkward" and like she said something wrong.

Even though someone did eventually reply telling her the chat was about paying for a school bookbag, she still felt slighted.

She asked other parents if she was in the wrong for asking the simple question in the first place, but it turns out a lot mums had similar experiences in school WhatsApp groups.

One wrote: "I am in group chats for my kids classes and never ever write in them just lurk because generally it’s clique and unhelpful, just ignore them."

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A second agreed it was a "horrible thing for someone to say," but the mum should stay in the group anyway.

In my experience, that kind of question is exactly what parent WhatsApp groups are for," they continued.

And someone else said: "It was mean but don’t overreact. It wasn’t personal to you.

"I would stay quiet for a week or two then continue as normal and never mention it again."

But another parent disagreed, she replied: "It's was rude and it was personal.

"I'd send a short reply and then block that mum if she is rude again."

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