A PARENTING expert was left "red faced" after she was mum-shamed by a fellow shopper.

Kirsty Ketley, a qualified Early Years Practitioner, described her experience being mum-shamed as she popped to her local supermarket to pick up dinner for her kids that day.

Taking to TikTok, she said: "So just before the school run I nipped to Marks and Spencer to get a few little bits that we needed and I got properly mum-shamed by this lady in there.

"It was all to do with the contents of my basket."

Kirsty had picked up a beef cannelloni ready-meal, two gingerbread cookies and a garlic bread baguette.

The mother-of-two then says a woman approached Kirsty, and asked who the meal was for.

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When Kirsty replied that it was for her kids, the woman snidely retorted: "A lot of salt in that for kids."

Shifting her gaze to the Valentines Day themed gingerbread treats, the lady enquired: "I suppose they're for the kids as well?"

Confirming that second suspicion, the lady took issue with the "sugar" content in the cookies.

She then reportedly raised her eyebrows, tutted at the bemused Kirsty and walked away.

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The parenting expert described her seething emotion following the exchange, gracefully choosing not to react to the unprovoked approach.

She said: "I was probably really red-faced but I didn't say anything.

"But I'm just so wound up. Why would someone want to mum-shame me like that."

The items purchased that morning, Kirsty highlights, are an anomaly.

She continued: "I know that there's salt in the beef cannelloni, I know there's sugar in a gingerbread biscuit. 

'I'm not a moron and the thing is, the kids don't eat like this all the time – it's just every now and then."

Kirsty, a parenting expert and consultant, blogs her tips and tricks.

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