FOR most, the highlight of any birthday is the cake – especially when it's been baked with love.

But one anonymous woman, from the US, told how she was left fuming after her boyfriend rustled her up a special cake from scratch – because he deliberately made it low-calorie.

The woman took to Reddit and explained how while it was a "sweet gesture," it had left her feeling self-conscious about her weight and worried he sees her as "fat."

She penned: "So, yesterday was my birthday and my boyfriend spent the morning making a cake for me. It was such a sweet gesture and it looked amazing."

"I took a bite and it was…really bitter. But I pretended it was delicious anyway. Then my boyfriend said, 'I only put half the sugar in to make it lower-calorie'. And I know it's so dumb, but it made me sad."

She went on to say how her boyfriend has been "not-so-subtly" encouraging her to lose weight recently and had even pointed out that they needed to start counting calories.


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The upset woman continued: "I'm overweight and have been since well before we first met."

"While I would like to lose some weight, and while he isn't exactly forcing me to do anything, it was his choice for me to start counting calories and I didn't feel like I got much of a say."

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"Anyway, I know that logically I should say to myself 'it's so thoughtful that he made a cake for you and that he tried to make it healthier …

It's so sweet that he cares about your health', but in my head, all I can think is 'even on your birthday he thinks you're fat, he can't even let you have this one day of the year to enjoy nice things'."

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After being given the cake, the woman told how she "hid in the bathroom to cry" and is now debating whether to tell her boyfriend how it's made her feel.

And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section to offer their opinions – with many sympathising for the birthday girl.

"NTA, at the end of the day it is YOUR body, and not his call to make. I’m so sorry, you deserve better!!" wrote one.

A second urged: "Please tell him. If you don't he will never know!"

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A third penned: "Your weight and your body are no ones business but your own. He should not being making decisions for or about your body that you didn’t already agree to. NTA and I wish I could give you a big hug."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "It’s not dramatic at all — it is genuinely upsetting that he thought you didn’t deserve a proper birthday cake. What’s the point of cake?!"

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