A WOMAN was left devastated when she was told by two doctors that her baby had died after multiple ultrasounds.

Olivia Chavira opened up about just what had happened in a video on her TikTok page, explaining that she went to get an ultrasound at the hospital at 14 weeks when she started bleeding heavily.

And while she was "convinced" she was having a miscarriage, the scan showed the baby was fine, "had a really great heartbeat" and even "had the hiccups" during the scan.

But they told Claudia to follow up with her OBGYN in three days' time.

"So I follow up in three days with my OB and she starts to do an ultrasound on me, she started with the one on the belly," she explained.

"I knew within a few seconds that something was wrong because her body language, she wasn’t saying anything, I didn’t hear a heartbeat, and for some reason I felt it, in the pit of my stomach something was wrong."

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The OB then did a vaginal ultrasound, and still didn't find anything, so said she'd call in another doctor to confirm "the demise" of her baby.

"And that broke me," Claudia added.

"So the next doctor comes in, he does an ultrasound, he does a vaginal ultrasound, and after a few minutes he was like, ‘Yeah,’ very cold too, just like, ‘Yeah, sorry there’s no heartbeat’."

After that, Claudia felt like "they were trying to rush me out" and said they'd call in her a couple of days to schedule a Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure as she was too far along to miscarry on her own.

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"On my way to work one day, I had a couple of days left before my procedure, my mum calls me and I just heard something different in her voice," she continued.

"I know my mum very well and me and her have a very strong connection, and it was in her voice, she just wanted me to get another opinion.

"She just felt strongly about it. So I did it, almost for her, and I hate to say that."

Claudia then scheduled an ultrasound at a 4D scanning place, and told them ahead of time why she was coming and that it "wasn’t really a happy visit".

"I get there, I’m not even looking at the screen, I’m looking at my phone, I’m just kind of tapped out and a few seconds in she said, ‘What did your doctor say?’ and I said, ‘Two of them, they said that there was no heartbeat'," Claudia recalled.

"Then she was like, ‘I have the chills’, and she turns the screen to me and she shows me the baby and he’s kicking and moving his arms and he has the strongest heartbeat."

Concluding, Claudia stroked her baby bump as she said: "And here we are – Im about to give birth any day now."

Olivia's video has been watched 2.5 million times since she posted it just a day ago, and received multiple comments from people who found themselves in similar situations.

"OH MY GOSH. The same thing happened to me!!!" one woman wrote.

"And the day before my D&C my mom begged me to get a second opinion and I did! Baby was fine!"

"My doctor told me 'well…. You’re gonna lose your baby so go home and wait for it to pass'," someone else commented. "My baby will be 3 this year."

"This unfortunately happens all the time," another person added.

"Doctors typically have no skill using ultrasound. Always ask for a registered sonographer to do your ultrasound."

"I am shocked reading these comments about how frequently this happens," another comment read.

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"How does this happen so much?!?!? How many babies are we senselessly losing???"

And someone else wrote: "As an ultrasound tech nothing infuriates me when a doctor with no skill tells patients their baby was a fetal demise and they are actually alive."

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