A MUM who ordered a cute Disney-themed cake for her daughter's birthday party was less than impressed with what she got.

Despite ordering a big Minnie Mouse cake, complete with delicate icing flowers, a bow and trendy drip style, that's not exactly how the cake turned out.

Posting on Facebook, the mum explained she'd ordered other cakes from the baker before so didn't think twice about this one being anything but perfect.

But when the time came to pick up the sweet treat the stunning Disney cake she thought she was getting was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, the baker presented the mum with a cake half the size of the one she ordered coated in thick icing – far from the trendy drip style she wanted.

Not only that, but the Minnie Mouse ears were nowhere to be seen.


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The mum said: "I think if it wasn’t for the icing on top being so thick and not white then it would have been okay but I couldn’t get over how bad it looked."

Unsurprisingly, the mum revealed she didn't end up paying for the cake and didn't even take it to her tot's birthday bash.

"As soon as I saw it I was like yeah no and left lol," she wrote.

Improvising, she bought a supermarket cake and had her daughter's name added to make it more special.

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Fellow Facebook users couldn't believe how different the baker's cake was to the one she was expecting.

"Looks like snot dripping down," one user joked, "I mean is it just me who sees it?

"Technically not a bad cake but it’s missing something and definitely the dripping needs to be fixed."

A second agreed: Why would she not even try to put the Minnie ears and bow on top? It seems like she rushed this last minute if her cakes are normally good."

"It looks like it got smashed down," another quipped.

Meanwhile, other users thought it was strange the baker tried so hard to replicate the icing flowers on the cake but still messed up the other details.

"I've made cakes like that and I'm trying to figure out how they got the drip so thick on the top. That's so bad, it's impressive," someone jabbed.

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