MENSTRUAL cups may be deemed a more sustainable method to use when on your period, but for one girl the first time she used one turned into a 33-hour nightmare.

She shared online how she was left in pain and feeling 'raw' after trying everything she could think of, even a spoon, to try and help her get it out, but nothing would work.

TikTok user @colleenmor shared her experience on social media and admits that while she was initially left impressed with the menstrual cup, hours of trying to pull it out and a trip to the gynaecologist has now left her thinking otherwise.

A menstrual cup is a soft silicone cup that works in the same way as a tampon – it sits inside the vagina and is held in place by the vaginal walls and can be cleaned and reused.

Deemed more environmentally friendly than your usual sanitary products, more and more women are turning to the menstrual cup when it comes to their time of the month.

22-year-old Colleen, from New York, decided to give it a go, but had to have it physically removed using a clamp after it got stuck and her attempts to remove it herself failed every time.

She shared a series of videos in real-time with her followers online as she tried to get the cup out herself, before sharing an update when one person suggested she see a gynaecologist.

Colleen then gave a whole rundown of the last 33 hours since she first inserted the cup and how she slowly became more and more panicked when she realised her menstrual cup was stuck.

"I just wanted to do like a fun little recap of the last 33 HOURS of my life. It all started Tuesday, about 9.30am, woke up, mother nature was calling and she said put this [menstrual cup] up there, so I did," Colleen explained.

"And for the first six hours… amazing. I loved it. It was fantastic. But then, I decided to check on her and I couldn't really get a solid grip. I wasn't going to panic, we're only half way through the wear time, we got plenty of time.

"Try to pull a tampon out like an hour in, it's going to hurt like a b***h. Give it four hours, it'll be fine. Eight hour mark, I checked on her again, couldn't get it out again. So then I panicky texted my cousin and she was giving me nice tips, tried to use the tips, the tips didn't work, not her fault."

Still having no joy with the cup, Colleen decided to sleep on it and research new methods to try and remove it the following morning.

I decided to check on her and I couldn't really get a solid grip. I wasn't going to panic, we were only half way through the wear time

She said: "I'm wiggling, I'm bearing down, I'm doing everything, but she [menstrual cup] is resting up here, I can only grip [the tail] after 20 minutes I got to here [base of cup] but when I pinched it would go down to here [tail].

"My wrist was cramping, she was raw and I had to go to bed, so we called it a day. I woke up, I learned a new thing, you can put just one finger up there and press just to break the seal and almost like hook it in, it's going to be messy, but at least you got it out and there's no longer a foreign object in your body.

"When I did that and I would press, it would spin and the tail would start to get lost in some sort of crevice."

Turning to the "spoon trick", Colleen continued: "Then I learned about this spoon trick, I would not suggest anyone does the spoon trick, I don't think the spoon trick is the thing to do – but the idea is kinda the same thing.

"It's just an extension so you're able to like hook it. It didn't work, I don't recommend it, actually [my vagina] still hurts and I'm pretty sure from this."

Eventually she gave up and sought the help of a gyno, who in the end used a clamp to successfully pull the cup out.

She revealed: "Let's just fast forward to the good part, I'm at the gynaecologist, everyone was very nice to me about it.

I learned about this spoon trick, I would not suggest anyone does the spoon trick… actually [my vagina] still hurts and I'm pretty sure from this

"She's in there, clamps, light, student teacher in the back… she's trying to pinch and remove, she's trying to [press and hook], she's seen the issues I have, she goes in with the clamps and goes, 'Alright, time to grip and rip.'

"It was like a 1, 2, 3 and then, um, a gusher. We don't know why it was like that because she uses a cup and that doesn't happen to her and my cervix is not high, she checked."

Her video racked up thousands of comments, with some people being left horrified by her experience and others revealing that some cups are better designed for removal.

"Having a uterus is literally SO fun," joked one person, as another claimed: "This has officially convinced me never to use one, thx."

A third wrote: "I could never trust anything other than a pad truly."


"I was doing ok until you mentioned the SPOON. GIRL I AM SO SORRY THIS IS TERRIFYING," added one more.

Sympathising with Colleen, one girl shared: "Mine literally suction cupped to my lady bits. I had to use pliers and grip and rip and the resulting suction pop almost made me puke."

Another teased: "You just described one of my worst fears."

Suggesting Colleen try another cup, one woman posted: "Okay so hear me out, they make cups with MUCH LONGER tails that have a hole for your finger to go through."

Another agreed: "Bestie!! Get a Flex Cup it has a looooong tail with a loop to hook your finger and it releases the suction when you pull the tail."

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