BLEACHING your hair at home carries a whole o-range of risk.

For Tori West, 29, disaster struck when nearly everything in her home broke down right in the middle of her bleaching her hair, leaving her with carrot hued hair on Christmas Day.

On Tiktok, the BRICKS magazine founder wrote: "My boiler burst at 5am and now have no hot water in the house so couldnt finish bleaching my hair," over a video of her in a big, pink hoodie that covered all the hair on her head.

"Thanks Merry Christmas, I hate it here," she added as she took off her hood to reveal the unexpected colour of her hair.

In another Tiktok, where she has 13.1k followers, Tori explained that: I woke up this morning and my boiler burst at 5am and flooded my entire studio apartment that I rent off my landlord than owns 450 buildings just in the area that I live in.


"That (the flood) then caused the electricity to go out so now I have no electric and no hot water."

"Water in general actually is off limits."

"Also you may have noticed my hair, I was mid bleaching my hair when this all happened and I was about to do a second coat and I can't."

"And it's two days, three days until Christmas and I am probably going to look like this for it," she explained, defeated.

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Sympathetic comments poured in as they were invested in Tori's story.

One was shocked at her landlord, saying: "450 buildings owned by 1 person!!!!!!!! and I can't even afford to rent 1 let alone buy."

Another sent her well wishes, writing: "Some people really have no idea what it's likehope it all sorts itself out love."

Even if Tori didnt like the unexpected results of the bleach, this person seemed to love her new look, as they wrote: "Your hair looks sick!! I wouldn’t have known it was an accident till you said. It actually suits you so well."

Others showed solidarity with her saying: "Babes we're in this together."

While others found Tori's situation familiar to their own, saying: "Totally relatable here."

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