WELLNESS has been on virtually everyone's minds, and some will spare no expense to achieve optimal health.

I am personally one of those wellness junkies, so I decided to try the latest celebrity health fad — ice baths.

Recently, Kim Kardashian made headlines when she took a 37-degree Fahrenheit ice bath plunge for six minutes at Remedy Place, a social wellness club in the Flatiron district of New York City.

The Skims founder posted a video on Instagram in which she showed how she handled the ice bath — listening to Ariana Grande with friends hyping her up in the background.

The practice is supposed to decrease inflammation and even increase dopamine levels for up to 48 hours.


Ice baths are all the rage, with celebrities including Kim, Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles taking the ice-cold plunge.

The process appears painful, but the practice has been around for millennia, with some historians linking it back to ancient Egypt.

Dr. Jonathan Leary worked on the idea of Remedy Place for 10 years before opening its doors to the public.

Previously the Chiropractic Medicine Doctorate opened a sports medicine concierge practice for surgery prevention and chronic rehabilitation, which after five years helped him build the one-of-a-kind concept for Remedy Place.

"I think people in the world right now just don't feel good," Dr. Leary said. "And I think ice baths are one example that can happen within six minutes and you feel like a whole new person."

Dr. Leary offers the only ice bath class format in the world, which makes Remedy Place stand out from the rest.

The wellness tool serves as a great way to decrease inflammation in the body, but the psychological benefits of ice baths are possibly what makes them so popular.

"You also get a huge rush of endorphins and dopamine spike for up to 48 hours," Dr. Leary said. "Dopamine is the hormone that makes you happy, so you're getting a long-lasting mental benefit."

The plunge can also be a major calorie-burner, with experts such as Wim Hof crediting cold temperatures for activating brown fat — something we typically lose with age.

Dr. Leary specified that the actual number of calories burned depends on personal stats such as "sex, age, body weight, height" and other factors, but it is "very possible" to burn around 300 calories from one session.


Upon entering the swanky club that Kim visited, I immediately noticed a sense of calm. The decor at Remedy Place is understated, with beautiful accents such as a sculpture of a toned man's torso.


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A member of staff walked around with sage and I was offered water in an eco-friendly reusable bottle.

Dr. Leary greeted me immediately and we discussed the vision of Remedy Place and why wellness is so essential today.

"I wanted to create a different type of environment and experience around self-care," he told The U.S. Sun.

"I was able to figure out, what do people need? What do they not need? What were they willing to do? What were they not willing to do?"

Such crucial reflective questions led Dr. Leary to create a service that offers hospitality, something many argue is absent from most traditional medical facilities.

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After taking a tour through the futuristic facility, I was led to a changing area where I was given a robe and slippers.

Next, I entered a room with the ice baths and a serene fireplace projection on the back wall. I was asked to choose two songs so I went with a classic — Alicia Keys.

Dr. Leary had me prepare myself with guided breathing, laying down on a comfortable mat beside the ice bath.

After 11 minutes of breath work, I was instructed to position myself at the head of the bath and we counted down before I slid in.

Upon initial contact with the water, I felt the intense sensation of the 37-degree tub, but Dr. Leary guided me through it. We danced and sung along to Alicia Keys, and before I knew it my six minutes were up.

When I exited the bath, I noticed my entire body was bright red and covered in goosebumps. I was given a towel to dry myself off and told that shaking is totally normal.

Dr. Leary assured me that I would continue to feel the benefits of the bath as the day progressed, which was spot on.

Once I got adjusted to the bath, I absolutely loved it and my appreciation for the cold plunge grew throughout the day. I felt my energy levels were through the roof and once it was time to hit the sack I slept like a baby.


The Remedy Place was wonderfully designed and very welcoming. I loved the ambiance and felt like the staff truly cared about my comfort and well-being.

I felt anxious on my way in and I felt the thorough breathing class and ice bath guidance aided me in calming my nerves.

The ice bath itself was invigorating, and after a couple of minutes, I really got into the groove with some of my favorite songs playing in the background.

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I felt the positive effects of the bath for a day or two afterward. I slept better than usual and my skin felt silky smooth.

I would absolutely do an ice bath again and I highly recommend it to those looking for a new tool to add to a holistic wellness regimen.

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