EVERYONE grieves differently — one woman took her dead sister's ashes on a trip to Vegas to process her death.

She explained that she was honoring a promise, as the two had agreed to travel the world together before she passed.

Brianna Payne (@briipayne), a 26-year-old Arizona native, lost her sister, Erin, then 18, in May of 2020 to fentanyl poisoning after the young woman unknowingly purchased medication laced with opioids.

“Life isn’t the same without her, but I’m making the best out of it because I know that’s what she would want,” she told The Post.

Not only did Brianna take her sister to Sin City to "celebrate" her 21st birthday, she explained that she is hellbent on fulfilling their promise around the world.

Not only have the two traveled across the continental United States, including Puerto Rico, but the sister also has plans underway for international travel.

“I have been doing this pretty much since she passed away,” Payne said.

“We have been to Puerto Rico, chased waterfalls all around Oregon and Washington, Colorado, and tons of other places."

“I plan to continue to do this, and my main goal is to bring her to Romania with our cousin, who actually had a trip planned to Romania two months after she passed away,” continued Payne.

“I know that she would appreciate it, and every time I go on a trip, she sends me signs to show that she is still with me.”

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“My sister was the funniest person I ever knew, so having fun is the best way to cope because that is what she would want,” she added.

Since her sister's death, Brianna explained that she's also been on a mission to use her platform to spread awareness about the opioid crisis.

“Now, I want to use my voice and platform to help spread fentanyl awareness,” she said.

“This is a tragic and terrifying thing! I’m so sorry for your loss,” commented one user. “Thank you so much for spreading awareness.”

“The strength it must of took you to post this,” said another Instagram user.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” a third commenter added. “I have a sibling that is currently addicted to fentanyl and at this point, I’m just waiting for the phone call.”

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