A WOMAN has jokingly hit out at trolls for coming at her for being a mum after suing her own parents for having her without her permission. 

Kass Theaz took to her social media page to explain her point of view over the matter after seeing how confused many people were. 

“I mentioned in my last video that I went clothes shopping for my children and a lot of people are shocked to hear that I have children considering I sued my parents for having me without my permission,” she started. 

Wearing a simple blue T-shirt with her brunette mane pulled back, she went on to explain that her parents “contributed to conceiving” her and that is why she decided to take 'legal action' against them. 

“I did not consent to being here,” she continued to joke with viewers.

Kass argued that she was unaware that she would have to grow up to be an adult and get a job to support herself. 

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She went on to complain that her parents didn’t attempt to contact her before she was born in a bid to find out whether she actually wanted to be conceived or not. 

“And that’s why I sued them,” she said with a deadpan face expression.

“I know I’ve said it’s unethical to have children before, but it’s different when you adopt… Because it’s not my fault that they’re here.” 

TikTok user @isatandstared went on to share that she’s trying to be a good person by taking on the responsibility of being a mum and “help them out”. 

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She then jokingly urged people who are pregnant to hire a psychic medium in a bid to contact their unborn child and ask if they “actually want to be here”. 

Kass joked that she’s making it her “life mission” to teach children to sue their parents “so they don’t have to work”. 

“But yes, I do have children, but I adopted them. I had them in an ethical way,” she added. 

People flocked to the comments section after feeling confused over whether the clip was a joke or not. 

“You are joking. You HAVE TO BE joking,” one person wrote. Another asked: “Is this for real?” 

A third added: “Naaaaaaah this cannot be real,” while a fourth added: “How did she manage to sue and then manage to adopt children”. 

But one person, clearly having read her bio that states it’s a “satire account”, shared: “for a second I believed everything she said”. 

While another said: "This is comedy, but it's so close to the leftwing that it is possible," followed by four crying with laughter emojis.

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