A YOGA instructor has ditched her bra, describing her action as "revolutionary."

The Los Angeles native is urging other women to follow her lead and go bra-free too.

Jennifer Rollins (@jenniferpolisticyogi), stopped wearing breast support years ago.

She wasn't aware that going bra-less was considered radical: "Another lady figured out that I didn’t wear or really own any bras and she was completely shocked."

You don't need to wear them, she said in a post to her TikTok: “So I just want to let you know that you don’t have to wear a bra. It’s an illusion."

She insisted that "breasts are not offensive," and we were meant to be "free."

“I’ve actually just spent the week with somebody that has size D and she doesn’t wear a bra either.

“So it’s not just because I have small breasts that I choose to not wear a bra," she said.

There are, she said, all sorts of health benefits to throwing your bra in the trash: “It’s actually better for your posture and your back muscles and all of your whole body altogether if you’re not wearing a bra.”

In her clarion call to her sisters everywhere, she said: “It’s okay to live life without a bra."

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Comments to her post were full of women who had already banished them from their lingerie drawers.

“I haven't worn one since my retirement from a corporate job four years ago," admitted this follower.

Another thought it was a social construct and women shouldn't feel the pressure: “I’ve not worn one in years and it’s society that thinks we need one. We weren’t meant to wear one.”

But, concluding the post, this viewer felt it was an impossibility with big boobs: “If mine was smaller I would do it all the time. DDD is just too jiggly.”

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