MANY of us will have seen that lip fillers can be pretty hit or miss.

But with more and more people wanting an Instagram worthy pout, it seems that many people are going to extreme lengths to get the lips they desire. 

And one woman revealed that she got more than she bargained for, when she paid a whopping £515 for just 1ml of lip filler, but was left feeling like she had been punched in the face.

Emma, who posts on TikTok under the username @ejahn01, explained that she had lip filler for the first time, but was shocked at just how painful it was. 

She posted her clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘I am HURTING.. I guess that is why they say beauty is pain baby.’

The blonde-haired beauty explained: “Today I got lip filler for the first time and honestly no one prepared me for the first 48 hours.”

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In the clip, we see Emma sitting in the beautician’s chair, as she prepares to get her lips filled.

She is seen with numbing cream on her lips, to ease the pain of the procedure.

Moments later, she shared a variety of selfies of her after the treatment, showing off her new pout.

But although Emma is seen smiling and posing for the camera, she then shared a clip of her swollen lips, as she covered her face in agony.

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She revealed: “Reality of how painful this is when the numbing wears off.”

Emma claimed that she had just 1ml of filler injected into her lips, but had paid a whopping $625 [£515] for the treatment. 

She later explained: “I felt like I got punched just in my lips alone..

“So painful and so stiff. But just for the first 12 hours.

"I’m basically feeling normal on day number three.” 

Emma’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 32.8k views and over 200 comments. 

Other beauty fans revealed that they were left similarly shocked at how painful lip filler would be. 

One person said: “Literally just went through this and no one told me how much pain I was gonna be in. It was the most irritable pain.” 

Another added: “The first time ever is painful, after that it never hurts that bad again lol.” 

A third commented: “I just said this word for word to my mom an hour ago? I was like no one warned me how much the after fricken sucks lol. I feel like they got punched.”

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