A WOMAN explained that her nightmare neighbour posted a picture of her cottage on Instagram and claimed that she had done all the work on the property.

The disgruntled cottage-owner said that her neighbour, an anonymous minor celebrity, completely lied about owning the cottage.

And the picture she had posted had nothing in it that she actually owned.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman said: "My next door neighbour posted a photo on Instagram of the front garden of my cottage, including the front porch, with the caption that she had spent six months doing up this thatched cottage.

"She is a minor actress and next door where she lives (it’s actually the newest of three homes that she has) is a mess since she is doing it up but…

"There is not one thing in her photo that is her cottage or garden. It is all mine.

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"Am I being unreasonable to think this is really cheeky? And is it worth saying anything?

"My husband says not to fall out with her but I just think it’s really cheeky. What do you all think?"

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Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinions on the bizarre situation and they had some very funny suggested responses.

One person said: "I’d comment and ask what the neighbours are like."

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Another said: "Cheeky! I'd ask a friend to comment that it's not hers. That's just weird, why put up anything at all!"

A third said: "Comment asking if she cropped the wrong house out!"

While someone else said: "I'd be blunt and comment that it's not her house it's YOURS!

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"Cheeky sod claiming yours as her own, just trying to big herself up because she's a minor actress."

And another said: "Just type: I am so happy you love my house and my garden. Happy to share some tips!!!"

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