A COUPLE who purchased a pallet of liquidation items from Target found merchandise inside worth $2,800 more than they paid for it.

Jamie and Sarah spent $550 on a pallet of boxes that Target was getting rid of and unboxed their haul on YouTube.

The husband and wife duo, who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, make a habit of flipping items they buy at discount prices.

They have a favorite "pallet liquidation place" where they buy pallets of items that stores are trying to get rid of, whether because they're unsold overstock or open-box returns.

In a recent YouTube video, the couple went through all of the items from a Target pallet.

"I'm super excited because we've never actually bought a Target pallet before," Sarah said.

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They were especially happy with this particular pallet because they could see some of the things on it, which isn't always the case.

Among them were items from Tommy Hilfiger, Our Generation toys, and a Graco Stroller and car seat.

"Sometimes you buy a pallet and it's totally covered. This one is a little bit less of a mystery but I'm still excited to see what's inside," Sarah said.

"It has several items that we think will sell right away and make back our entire original investment, and then everything after that will be clear profit," she added.

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The couple explained that they typically expect to sell the items they flip for 40 to 50 percent of the original retail value.

That means that they needed this pallet, which cost them $550, to have a total of $1,100 of retail value in order to break even.

They got to work going through the items one by one, pulling out plenty of inexpensive merchandise.

There was a $12 beach towel, a $15 Squishmallow pillow, and piles or additional throw pillows.

Things started to get a bit more expensive, with a $60 suitcase and a $99 comforter set.

Sarah explained that when they get bigger, heavier things, they typically sell them locally on Facebook Marketplace rather than eBay, where she has to pay for shipping.

With plenty still on the pallet, the couple had already unpacked items worth a thousand dollars at retail value.

They went through plenty of bedding including sheets and weighted blankets, including some items where they got multiples.

Sarah and Jamie note that even cheap items with $5 retail value sell better than one might think, so the 20 $3 makeup organizers they got could do well on eBay.

Toward the end, their finds started to get pricier, including a $93 air mattress, a $230 patio bench, a $258 Tommy Hilfiger bedside table, and a $350 outdoor chair.

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All in all, the combined retail value of their pallet was $3,296 – $2,746 more than they spent, which could mean a big profit if they sell it for 40 to 50 percent.

"I'm super excited about these items," said Jamie. "There's a lot of very sellable items. Not super random, they're stuff that pretty much anyone can use."

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