A BEAUTY buff who claims that strangers come up to her to tell her she smells good has revealed her top secrets.

Ashley Paige’s smell-great tips also complement having good hygiene in your daily beauty routine.

The content creator from Los Angeles, US warned that just having a nice perfume isn’t enough to wow people.

You have to consider your oral hygiene, body lotions and even shampoo.

“I get told that I smell good pretty much every time I leave the house,” she said in a TikTok video.

Ashley’s first tip was to overhaul your oral care routine and introduce better hygiene tools. 

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“You can smell as good as you want, but if your breath smells, I immediately think of you differently,” she said. 

“The first step is a tongue scraper. I do this first thing in the morning and this has completely changed the game for me.”

Ashley follows up her tongue scraping by brushing her teeth with an all-natural ingredient toothpaste. 

The one she uses contains colloidal silver which she says “neutralises any bacteria and kills any scent”.

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Ashley also stressed the importance of using an electric toothbrush to get a deeper clean than a manual one.

“The second rule is to body shower every day,” she continued.

“I don’t care if you were hungover and you didn’t leave your couch – take a shower.

“All of your friends and family deserve to have a clean you.”

Ashley’s third tip was to pick a “signature scent” – a perfume you put on everyday that people associate with you. 

She also picks body washes, scrubs and moisturisers to complement the scent of her perfume, depending on whether she wants to smell sweet or musky. 

Her next tip was to choose a deodorant that matches the smell of your perfume too. 

Ashley’s final bit of advice was to consider the scent of your hair products.

“Whenever anyone hugs you, they’re gonna smell your shampoo,” she said. "It’s gotta smell good.”

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