WHEN Shaun Nyland and Cat Keenan joined TikTok in November 2019, the couple could never have predicted how the app would turn their lives upside down.

In a new video on Cat's YouTube channel, the Newport-based couple – who share two kids – explained how they'd been together for about six years when they shot to internet fame.

Within the first four months, Shaun managed to rack up over one MILLION followers while Cat quickly started matching her monthly dog-walking salary in a single day thanks to her hilarious clips.

But while this might sound like a total dream, the pair found that working together took a huge toll on their relationship.

Cat explained: "You would think that we would be getting closer – but in fact, we were getting more and more apart.

"It was almost like we'd become friends who just worked together."


Despite their best efforts to prioritise going on dates and spending more time together, Shaun and Cat broke up in March 2021 – but still stayed friends so they could co-parent Tommy and Leo.

However, Cat said she began to feel the struggle financially when Shaun moved out as she had the mortgage to pay off and pricey Range Rover payments to keep up with.

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She said: "I felt stressed about money because I had the house to pay for – we've got quite a big house with four bedrooms and it costs us a lot to pay each month.

"I had my Range Rover which we bought together but it was in my name so I took over that.

"That was costing me £1,000 a month alone on fuel."

"You had a lot of outgoings," Shaun said. "Don't get me wrong, I paid all my child maintenance but I knew deep down that it wasn't enough."

So for her 31st birthday in October last year, Shaun decided to surprise Cat by paying off the mortgage.

I know we're not together anymore, and I've been so proud of you, you're the best mum ever, so I did something. I rang up the bank, I paid off the entire mortgage. This house now belongs to you.

In a clip on TikTok, which has racked up 4.3million views, Shaun is seen throwing Cat a set of keys, with her questioning, "why are you giving me these for?"

Shaun explains: "It's your birthday today, I want you to have the best birthday ever. And look, I know we're not together anymore, and I've been so proud of you, you're the best mum ever, so I did something. I rang up the bank, I paid off the entire mortgage. This house now belongs to you.

Naturally, Cat just assumed it was a prank at first – but Shaun had the bank email her to confirm that she was now mortgage-free.



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In a second clip, he explains: "At the end of the day, my ex-girlfriend gave me the best gift any man could ask for by bringing Leo into this world and I know it was tough for Cat to try and live the same lifestyle we lived but by herself."

Unsurprisingly, the kind gesture brought the couple much closer together and so they decided to start filming TikToks again.

She explained: "I caught feels again […] to be honest, I was a bit confused. I was like, 'do I love him? Don't I?'"

But three months after Shaun's big gesture and the couple have decided to give their relationship another try.

Although Shaun thought they were filming a video telling their followers that they were going to take things slow, Cat used it as an opportunity to surprise him.

At the end of the clip, Cat turned to Shaun and asked him to be her boyfriend again – which resulted in him breaking down in tears.

She said: "We're in a really good place and my feelings are really strong towards you and I realised how much I love you.

"I just want to be with you again and as a family with the children and stuff and I want to make it really official now."

Shaun said: "You tricked me! Oh my god, I'm actually crying."

"Omg guys huge congratulations," one fan replied. "I’m so happy your back together you make such a great couple!

Another added: "You guys had me crying, congratulations! You are both amazing people."

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