A WOMAN has taken to Mumsnet to express her regrets over having a baby, admitting becoming a mother has "absolutely destroyed my physical and mental health".

The poster, who shared her message under an anonymous account and the title "If you're thinking of having a baby, don't", insisted that she loves her son "more than anything in the world" – but that doesn't stop her from regretting having him.

"I used to be a vibrant, interesting, fun person with a great family life and hobbies, purpose and fulfilment," she explained.

"I’m now a shell of my former self, my world is so, so small."

The woman continued to admit that if she was given an option to "hit a button and go back to a time before my son existed, without remembering him or knowing he existed, I would do it without hesitation".

"I regret having a baby so much and I wish with all my heart and soul I hadn’t done it," she concluded.

In response to one person who commented on the post, she revealed her son was seven months old.

Numerous people took to the post to respond and express their concern at her thoughts, with one writing: "I am so sorry you feel this way.

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"Motherhood is certainly brutal and terrifying. I remember that trapped feeling very well."

Another commented: "I felt like that when mine were that age. I think the first 3-4 years can be brutal depending on the nature of the child.

"It WILL get easier and more enjoyable, especially if you stick with just the one."

The original poster then returned to the post, to thank the people who commented and admit their messages had made her "feel so much less alone".

"I spoke to the mental health nurse recently but it was a pretty perfunctory conversation and she very quickly just suggested sertraline," she explained.

However, after taking the anti-depressant for a while, she struggled with "horrendous insomnia" and made her "feel so much worse".

"I know it would have probably settled if I had persisted but I couldn’t cope at all so I stopped taking it," she continued.

"I have another review with her this week so maybe there is something else I can try."

In response to her reply, commenters suggested various things she could try, including sleep training and confiding more in her other half.

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