A FRUGAL shopper has revealed the hilarious fail she experienced after attempting to buy a designer handbag from Temu.

She ordered two fashionable bags that looked similar to those made by luxury brands after spotting the online store selling them at a discounted price.

Taunya (@iamtaunylanette) has garnered over 3,300 followers on TikTok, where she shares her love of sneakers.

She took to the social media platform to reveal the results of her latest Temu shopping haul after previously raving about the website.

“So with all my hype about Temu, there are some fails. Some funny duds but duds,” Taunya said.

“So Temu is like y’all are not gonna get me with selling name brand stuff.

"Y’all gonna get this dupe and y’all gonna be happy with it.

“But Temu come on, I’m all for a dupe and I don’t really pay too much money on anything but my sneakers.

“I’m ok with a little dupe but make the dupe make sense.”

Taunya revealed that she bought a stylish handbag from Temu that had a striking resemblance to Christian Dior’s book tote, which cost around $3,350.

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She struggled to hold back her laughter as she revealed the fake version from Temu, which cost just $14, had a glaring error on the front.

“It’s supposed to say, Christina, who is Christina? I don’t know. The I and T are not in the right spot,” she said.

“And then Dieo, but that’s not the thing. It comes with a cute little pearl handle as well.

“And it comes with a strap. The strap has the right name Christian but Dioro. 

“Who the hell are Christian Dioro and Christina Dieo?

“I don’t know but I’m gonna carry this bag anyway because it’s cute. I don’t care but get it together Temu.”

Taunya also bought a budget handbag from Temu that could be mistaken for Marc Jacobs’ iconic tote bag, which costs up to $600.

“It just says The Tote Bag and it has the little purple strap,” she said.

“Listen Temu if you’re gonna go and put The Tote Bag you might as well give it a fancy name like you did the Christian Dior bag.

“It’s all good, I’m still gonna use this purse anyway.” 

The “Temu fail” video went viral with over 820,000 views and people were in hysterics at the shocking knockoff designs.

Taunya revealed that she wouldn’t be sending the bags back for a refund because she thought they were funny. 

“They not dupes, they are one of a kind [laughing],” one person commented.

“I would so rock that, it’s funny,” another wrote.

“Flip the first bag around when you use it [laughing] but honestly, I love Temu,” a third chimed in.

“No ma’am. I have to see it. Everyone else will too. We all sharing in the laughter,” Taunya replied.

“I love your personality… I would still carry that bag. Especially for traveling or throwing makeup in it,” another said.

“Thank you. We carrying the bag, I paid for this bag,” Taunya responded.

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