A WELLNESS influencer has revealed the steps she took to reverse her dramatic hair loss.

She explained she had lost most of her hair before she incorporated the routine that remedied her balding scalp.

Ashley Burnett (@burnishedhaus) shared the video with over 140,000 TikTok followers.

At the start of last year, she started losing her hair to the point where 70% of it was gone.

She discovered she had Telogen effluvium, a hair-loss condition often caused by metabolic stress, hormonal changes, or medication.

"It basically puts your scalp into this intense shedding cycle and all your hair will just start to fall out in massive clumps," she explained.

Ashley was shocked when she noticed bald spots and her hairline receding: "You could legitimately see my scalp through my hair, I started flat-out panicking."

After intensive research and a visit to the dermatologist, she found solutions that helped her immediately.

"Here I am a year later, look how thick my hair is near the top of my head," she said.

One of the first things she did was take Nutrafol, a hair growth supplement.

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Although it was pricey at $80 for a month's supply, Ashley said the investment was well worth the price tag: "Within a week of taking Nutrafol, the shedding completely stopped," she said.

"Three months was all I needed and it kickstarted a new growth cycle and my hair just started growing back like crazy."

She also incorporated women's Rogaine, $55: "I found it easy to apply twice a day, it would dry invisible, didn't weigh down your hair," she said.

Once her hair started growing back, Ashley also stepped up her shampoo routine, switching over to Pura D'or, $30.

"It's extremely clean, there's nothing toxic in it, it's very good for scalp health and it's loaded with natural oil," she explained.

Last but not least, not only did she start using rosemary oil once a week but she also started washing her hair every day to reduce the presence of DHT hormones.

The hormone is known to cause hair loss and Ashley explained her major change from washing her hair every three to four days to daily had helped her immensely.

"DHT buildup on your scalp can cause hair loss and I've noticed since I started doing that, that my hair is a million times healthier and my scalp is healthier than it ever was before," she said.

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People took to the comments to share their thoughts: "Finally someone admitting that washing their hair every day has proven to be more beneficial than washing once a week!" said one commenter.

"I’ve always washed mine every day and never go to washing only once a week. it promotes hair growth by massaging & ridding of any product buildup and just makes you feel clean," they added.

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