A 41-YEAR-OLD woman who claims she looks younger now than she did aged 12 has revealed her free secret to ageing backwards. 

For Danielle Gray, “giving less f***s” shaved years off her appearance because she stopped producing as many stress-related hormones. 

To do this, she stopped caring what people think and won’t go anywhere that might make her feel stressed.

“It baffles me when I hear all the negative connotations that are associated with ageing,” Danielle said. 

“Because I ain’t ever felt this good.

“The only thing I want from my 20s are my knees and my little back.”

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Taking to TikTok, the fashion and beauty blogger broke down her “anti-ageing routine”, which involves a plethora of lifestyle choices, beauty treatments, skincare products and style. 

Namely, the New Yorker leads a low stress lifestyle – and yes, that is possible when living in a city.

“Stress produces hormones that can effect the skin in a negative way,” Danielle explained. 

She uses talking therapy and exercise three times a week to keep her body feeling de-stressed. 

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Danielle’s skincare routine consists of antioxidant serum and sunscreen in the morning, then a retinoid at night. 

However, filler still played a role in Danielle’s age-defying transformation, which she said has made her look younger now than she did as a pre-teen.

She revealed in a YouTube video that she had suffered with “hollow” under eyes her whole life and had filler, also known as tear trough filler, injected to fill them out. 

“Filler is not permanent and there can be pros and cons argued either way on that,” she said.

“But I’d say filler bought me five to ten years.

“I no longer look tired and unfresh like I did.”

She also had cheek filler to restore structural volume in her face after losing weight. 

Danielle also “dresses more for her personality” now she is in her 40s. 

She added that she stays away from smoking and drinking alcohol, which can dehydrate your skin and accelerate signs of ageing.

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