ONE woman has shared an insight into her rather unique living situation.

The TikToker revealed that she lives in an abandoned hospital, where basic amenities can be quite "scary."

In her video, the woman, who goes by Loveaishab (@loveaishab), took her followers along on a tour of the hospital's bathrooms and showers.

The hospital dweller previously explained that she lives on the property as a guardian.

Her non-traditional home sparked interest online and viewers requested a tour of the hospital.

The woman addressed the common question about the bathroom situation.

"Loads of people ask about them and I get it, that would be my concern too," she said.

Beginning on the floor where she originally stayed before upgrading to a larger room, she showed her audience the shower situation.

"All the showers are the same in the guardianship but what I love about this floor is the plants in the bathroom benefiting from that condensation and just making it a bit more homely," she said.

However, she did point out a design feature that makes showering less private than most people would like.

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She explained: "The only weird thing about this one is the gap at the top.

"So it’s essentially two cubicles, if you’re in one of the showers you can hear the other person showering.

"For someone like me who plays podcasts or sings in the shower, it can be slightly embarrassing, but we move."

She explained that most of the showers on each floor had the same problem.

However, her bigger concern was with the toilet situation in the hospital.

Entering the toilets on one floor, she panned the camera to show the antiquated tile design that was chipped and cracked in places.

She walked further into one of the cubicles and panned the camera around to give viewers a better look at the old-style bathroom.

"These toilets are always scary to me, to be honest, so many things are scary to me so it could be unfounded but yeah, no, don’t like it, zero out of 10," she concluded.

As she ventured to other floors, she gave her followers a glimpse at other showers, which she said had the same cubicle issue.

She also showed her audience combined shower and toilet rooms as well as the door to a "secret toilet" which was locked with a passcode.

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While she didn't have the passcode to enter that room, the property guardian also didn't enter another toilet but for entirely different reasons.

"This is a bathroom but it’s a bad vibes bathroom so I won’t go in there," she explained, filming the door but refusing to enter.

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